What is I8?

Intensity 8 International Marketing Incorporation is an independent retail and wholesale provider of electronic loads for mobile phones, TV/Cable network access and online-gaming services in the Philippines. As a young company founded in 2014, I8 aims to serve the growing global market of consumers in the telecom and IT industries.

Intensity 8, in fact, aims to become the leading global supplier and retailer as it caters to the needs of countless sub-dealers servicing the rapidly expanding market of individual and corporate consumers.

Making its presence known and felt in virtually every region and country worldwide remains as Intensity 8’s main focus in its overall strategic planning and direction, as well as in private equity, stocks, technical and network influence, market expertise, marketing support and management, and close supervision of each staff members. Intensity 8’s long-term planning and strategies are designed to allow us to operate and compete through sustained creativity and continuing innovation of technologies.

Hence, marketing is merely part of the overall function of I8 as it strives to pioneer in dynamic applications of technologies that enhance the efficiency and capability of the individual and the corporation to engage in productive communications and enterprises in the global environment. As the world integrates into one synchronized global society, this vision that I8 pursues will become even more clear and real as it serves the needs of more and more consumers.

I8 believes in this noble goal and commits to provide “the first market opportunities promising to share unequalled benefits and privileges to every individual who joins our team and who unites in achieving our company vision“.

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Our Mission

To continuously create value by:

• Promoting products, services and friendly assistance that satisfy the needs every individual partner, associate and customer

• Continuously achieving excellence in a highly professional manner

• Reaching an integrated diversity of strategies through an innovate and results-oriented team motivated to deliver excellence

Our Vision

To be the “TOP” performing, globally-competitive and most-admired corporation worldwide.

Core Values

Our corporate culture and values are important to us, and we take them seriously. As such:

• Our top priority is to look after the needs of our team and to provide continuous motivations.

• We assist and support beyond what our partners, associates and customers expect from us.

• We show our honesty, politeness, kindness, with personal adherence to genuine care for people.

• We give back to society through social projects geared toward assisting communities through educational programs, charitable work and environmental projects.

"I never thought i8 could give me this so much blessings in my life! Thanks to i8."

- BY: Anonymous

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